ZxU 5 Pair Natural Hardwood Wooden Japanese Chopsticks Set with Gift Box

5 Pair Solid Wood Chopsticks Set

Product Fetures:

1. Pack of 5 for family use
2. Solid wood constructed, sturdy and durable
3. Finely polished sleek surface with no splinters
4. Unique coiling patter for anti-slip and easy grip
5. Comfortable to handle
6. Handwash recommended

Quality Guaranteed:
compliant with Japanese regulations, 100% quality guaranteed
Compliant with Japanese regulations, 100% quality guaranteed and eco-friendly; fresh Japanese style
Equipped with unique coiling for anti-slip and comfortable grip; solid wood material makes them strong and sturdy;
The length of a chopstick is 9 inches, makes it easy to grip and use, and the painting on the handles give an anti-slip effect.
Wood chopsticks are grown out of the land, with a deep sense of hospitality, allowing you to experience more deeply enjoy the fun of food
Ideal for any Asian-style dinner party, Sushi Night, Noodle soup, Rice bowl, Pho, Shabu-shabu, Korean BBQ etc

Chinese Natural Health Wooden Bamboo Chopsticks Warmoor Reusable Wood Chopsticks 5 Pairs with Case Gift Sets ¡­

Bamboo wooden chopsticks are traditional in China, Japan and Southeast Asia. The Chinese styled wooden chopsticks are good choices for kitchen.

The material of totally natural heath wood is durable and eco-friendly. We suggest hand wash.

22.5cm long chopsticks make it easy to dig into a delicious cuisine without a splash.

The color looks elegant and natural.

You can regard them as a gift set too.

Size for reference:

Length: 22.5cm

Weight: About 145g for 5 pairs


This product is made with natural ingredients; therefore color may vary from different batches. And the packing of the product may vary too.
Size for reference: Length: 22.5cm, weight: About 145g for 5 pairs
The bamboo chopsticks were made of high quality bamboo wood which is good for health
The wooden Chopsticks are smooth and splinter free and have a carved end which is easy to use
Chinese scriptures wishing “Good Luck, Long Life, and Well Being”
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If you are not satisfied, for any issue or concerns, feel free to contact us at any time and ask a return or full refund. We wouldn’t let you suffer any loss!

Chopsticks Parent

1 Pair of Incredibly Strong and Lightweight Titanium Chopsticks
Tasteless, odorless, non-allergenic, totally inert, dishwasher safe, and is non-corrosive.
Rounded Chopsticks are 9in. long
8mm in Diameter and weigh in at 14 grams
FDA Food Grade 100% Titanium (Ti)

LNE Luxury Natural Wooden Chopsticks Unique Multicolored Multicultural Ancient Asian Wisdom Reusable Classic Style 5-piece Gift Set

5 carefully bundled pairs of the finest chopsticks handcrafted with a variety of rare woods to add an air of
culture, class, and culinary awareness to every noodle cup, rice bowl, and sushi roll graced with their presence.

Finish: A plant lacquer made from exotic flora imported from around the globe, hand-mixed by herbalists in a
specially designed apothecary that has been in use for a thousand generations to coat chopsticks for the
distinguished royalty in every dynasty.

If you’re not ready for a mind-blowing, life-altering, culturally refined chopstick experience, please do not
purchase these!!!

However, if you can picture yourself with these chopsticks held in your hand with legendary poise and skill, a
look of hard-won wisdom in your eyes, and the calm of a thousand prayers pervading the air around you as you
contemplate the meaning of life over a plate of sushi, then buy these TODAY!!! You won’t regret it!

But if you do regret it, if your life is not made better, if your heart does not sing for joy every time you use
them, then with tears in our eyes borne from the weight and emotional turmoil of utter failure, we will return
your money and, after a period of mourning, return to our craft and make it even better.
If you are not happy with our products, we will refund 100% of your money, no question asked!
Materials : Ebony wood, Rosewood, Chestnut wood, Boxwood, and Cherrywood
9 inches long
Easy to Grip
Easy to wash
A mind-blowing, life-altering, culturally refined chopstick experience

Zealor 5 Pairs Hardwood Chopsticks Set, with 5 Assorted Colors Natural Wooden Chopsticks

Zealor 5 Pairs Hardwood Chopsticks Set with assorted colors, perfect for family, camping, party

Product Description:
Material: Wood
Length: 22.5 cm / 8.85 inches

Package includes:
5 Pairs of Chopsticks
5 pairs of chopsticks with different colors
Length: 22.5 cm, moderate size suitable for most people
Durable, made from natural wood materials
Easy to use and clean, handwash is recommended
Multicolored chopsticks set, perfect for for family, camping, party

Compac’s Holdstix Cheater Chopsticks—Fun and Easy-to-Use Training Chopsticks, Plastic Chopsticks for Kids & Adults—Designed to Enhance Your Cultural Dining Experience—Reusable & Dishwasher Safe 4 Pack

You love sushi, but can’t handle the chopsticks? Then Holdstix easy-to-use chopsticks are for you. Unlike some other “cheater” chopsticks, Holdstix are not a toy-they’re durable training chopsticks for all levels of users. Little hands can easily control these plastic chopsticks for kids. Made of dishwasher-safe plastic, the light color simulates the look of traditional wooden chopsticks. With a whimsical-but not silly-animal design to distinguish each set, Holdstix can help to create a cultural dining experience the whole family will love. Holdstix easy-to-use chopsticks are inexpensive, yet last. Each pack has four sets of Holdstix, one each of four designs:  red dragon, black panda, blue fish and green butterfly. From kids to adults, everyone has fun eating with Holdstix. Compac is “Creative, Innovative, Quality.” Check out our other products.
Cheater Chopsticks/Training Chopsticks are easy and fun to use for everyone
Even children’s little hands can control these plastic chopsticks for kids
Give a fun gift to your chopsticks-challenged friends
Versatile Holdstix are not just for Asian cuisine
Great for all you party fun

10 (5 pairs) Durable Twist Bamboo Chopsticks

These chopsticks are a beautiful, functional and ecologically sound addition to any kitchen. Each set includes 5 pairs of chopsticks with an attractive twist design. Each chopstick can be used as a hair stick too. •Attractive and functional twist chopsticks •Constructed of high quality Moso bamboo •Bamboo is an ecologically green alternative to wood; strong, dense and versatile •Pack includes 5 pair of 9.4″ twist bamboo chopsticks
Attractive and functional twist chopsticks
Constructed of high quality Moso bamboo
Bamboo is an ecologically green alternative to wood; strong, dense and versatile
Pack includes 5 pair of 9.4″ twist bamboo chopsticks
Dishwasher safe for convenient clean up

Melamine Chopsticks

This is a 10 pair pack of high quality, commercial grade chopsticks featuring red and green or blue dragon designs. These heavy duty chopsticks are made of 100% non-toxic Melamine and are break resistant.
10 pairs of High Quality Restaurant Style Chopsticks
Lvory Color Chopsticks with Dragon Design
Made of 100% non-toxic Melamine
Boiling Water Resistant
Acid Proof, Erosion Resistant, and Color Resistant

Japanese Style Portable Travel Tableware Wooden Spoon and Chopsticks

Beautiful high quality cutlery set£¬wood spoon and chopsticks.
High quality wooden material:chopsticks-ironwood,spoon-nanmu
Product size:chopsticks length-23cm/9.06in,spoon size-23.5*4cm/9.25*1.57in. Weight£º38g/0.08lb
Package include:spoon,chopsticks and cloth carry bag
Warm tip : wash it before use
Easy to clean,healthy and safe to use it